Strongspace is a secure, highly available, online storage and collaboration solution. It is designed for you to host in your own secure environment, or we can host an account for you at

Design Goals

Strongspace is designed to be Secure, Reliable, Easy to maintain and upgrade. It's designed to be performant with low resource requirements letting you scale to thousands of users without a huge amount of infrastucture.

Cloud Native Deployment

Strongspace is a fully containerized application. This means that everything in run inside Docker containers we ship as part of the deployment. It packages in all dependencies gives you a consistent and reliable way run your Strongspace deployment.

We've chosen to use Kubernetes as our orchestration and container management solution.

Encrypted Object Storage

Strongspace is designed to scale to whatever capacity your organization needs by enrypting and offloading your data to scale-out object storage such as Amazon S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage, or any other S3-Compatible object storage.